Small Plates

Show up so hungry. No seriously, everything tastes extraordinarily better that way. And it's already delicious. Order so much that eyes go alight when it arrives. SHARE IT ALL. #nobellyleftbehind

Greens + More

Healthy, meet Delicious.. We always knew you should be frens! (we get perturbed when you're not - it's not fair, we don't appreciate that, it's a cruel trick we think should be overcome quickly with a bit of thought and creativity)

Bigger Plates


Unabashedly eat the perfectly cooked pasta, all of it, dripping in some delectable sauce Chef Scott engineered and tasted 124 times before he struck upon the equation that caused you to need a moment with yourself.

Pasta Dinner Only


It's not traditional American. It's something different entirely. We want to rewrite and expand your programming on pizza. It's here, but it's not from here.. #outerpizza #thegreatbeyondpizza #terrestrialPIZZAZ (try the Sopressata + Honey - it'll knock your socks off) All pizzas can be made GLUTEN FREE. Ask about Vegetarian options as well.


They're people too.. They sometimes act like it. So we guess we should feed them well. (we put Filet on our kid's menu - bribe them with it, use it to your powerful advantage as an entity many years older and wiser than they are - we believe in you)


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