One of our greatest satisfactions is watching our customers
Please enjoy your time with your family and friends. We know it’s never enough time. 


Some typical estimates our staff uses when quoting wait times:

  • Tables of 2 to 4 people we anticipate  turn in 75 min – 90 min.
  • Tables of 5 to 6 people we anticipate turn in 90 min – 2 hours.
  • Any group larger than 6 people  we anticipate no less than 90 minutes up to 2 hours.
  • These are just guidelines we follow.


  • There are special occasions we DO have “reserved seatings” that allow us to reserve tables for a specific time period to ensure all groups are seated timely, those are: New Year’s Eve, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day.


  • We Do Not Hold Tables. We seat in order of arrival, giving the “Call Ahead Wait List,” priority. Larger groups of 6 or more are planned for and our goal is to have your table ready when you arrive. Once seats are full, we depend on tables becoming available based on anticipated table turn times.


  • Incomplete Parties: Approaching peak hours, we only seat complete groups to maintain efficiency in service. If your group is not complete, we will sit the group after you. Once your group is complete, we will give you priority for the next available tables.