We are FULLY OPEN Inside and Out!!

We are FULLY OPEN Inside and Out!!

A 2020 Note From VAI’s



What do we say about 2020? “Good day, sir!”, comes to mind…

2020 has challenged us to grow in ways we can and can’t see. It likely won’t be until later, as is so often the case, that we witness and integrate the last year’s experiences personally, professionally, as friends, partners, and parents.


The truth about growth and transformation is that it’s messy and beautiful. One gift of being human is the capacity we have to care for one another. 2020 has required this from most of us and has reminded us how much we need each other and how important we are to each other as a collective.


As we close out this year we take a moment to reflect on all of the customers, friends, and family members that have supported us in the various roles we work and live in. We take a moment to convert our worries into gratitude… that we are able to serve our customers. And we take a moment to remember restaurants that have had to close their doors. We wish their owners and staff a full recovery in 2021. We have and will always appreciate the variety and color a thriving restaurant community brings and hope we rebound as a fuller, stronger community soon.

Cheers to a more whimsical and supportive 2021…



~ The VAI’s Team ~

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Mike and Nan B. ~ 9/17/21

Michael/Anthony, I know in the past I have expressed our gratitude and affection of your restaurant.  We felt we owed you another “kudos and thank you”. Last night, my wife and I had an exceptional experience again.  We like to sit at the bar and enjoy the energy and...

Timmy T. ~ 7/17/21

If Vai's was in a conference with 20 other teams....nobody would have a chance. 96-0 would be the score. Always knock it out of the park. Staff is amazing, Mallory Kicks A**!!!!!! And all others that helped her.  

Hetal A. ~ 7/12/21

Marsia did an amazing job. She was very gracious and provided great service.

Julie M.

1st time here and the food was amazing. Lisa was very helpful and gave great recommendations. We're looking forward to coming back here again.

Lisa H.

The food was awesome, our server was the best. Will come again and tell everyone i know to come. The food was the best! J.P. has the best customer service skills.

Howard K. ~ 7/17/21

Excellent service. Mallory's suggestions were spot-on and the food was phenomenal. We will definitely come back.

Colleen B. ~ Corporate Dinner 11/8/19

Dear Michael, Thank you for the wonderful dinner last night.  The service and food were top-notch! I especially appreciate all the accommodation made for our employee with the gluten allergy.  Very much appreciated. I gave you a 5-star yelp review.  I highly recommend...

Chris B. ~ Via Email

Hi Michael! Dinner was absolutely amazing.  I can't thank you enough for your recommendations on the menu and for putting together such an incredible experience for my friends and family!  Your restaurant was posted on Facebook by everyone who attended.  Quite a few...

Chris C. ~ Yelp

"Amazing experience.  My wife and I dined in on the Saturday immediately after Valentines Day, so we were expecting a long wait, but we were seated extremely quickly (without reservations).  My first impression of the restaurant is that it was very nice/clean/new.  We...

Steve V. ~ Direct Email

"We were there last night. Myself, my wife Karen, and her son Payton. We've been to fire & wine several times before and we're at this restaurant once this past summer. I have to say the food was outstanding the service was incredible. They made you feel very...

Rieko T. ~ Yelp 1/13/19

"Wow! We now have another favorite restaurant in Naperville. Knowing there's a new restaurant after a BBQ house or something on Rt 59, we hadn't tried it yet.  Today we gave it a try and, wow, we loved it so much! We were not very hungry but had: Beets Salad Spicy...

Craig Z. ~ Yelp

Best dining experience I've had in years. The food was cooked exactly as it was ordered. The service was impeccable and we were treated like we were the only ones in the restaurant (we weren't). Definitely would recommend this venue.
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